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Meta tags can go in any order. The order won't cause you any issues unless for some reason you have a massive <head> and search engines give up on reading it all ;) (it'd have to be very big for that though so don't worry) In regards to the Wordpress action, you can use the priority parameter on this to run your hooked function in a different order. ...


In HTML5, keywords is one of the standard metadata names. It defines steps that user agents must follow to obtain the page’s list of keywords. One of these steps is: Split the value of the element's content attribute on commas. As the linked definition of "split a string on commas" explains, "leading and trailing whitespace" will be stripped: ...


Search engines have no obligation to honor this tag and no major search engine does. It does not affect a page's ranking, inclusion in a search engine's index, or crawl rate.


I have them disallowed in my robots.txt... but it doesn't change anything, Google still show them, also on those pages contact, services,... I use Noindex from Yoast. Still no result. So what can I do else? Or maybe I do something wrong If you specifically don't want these pages indexed then you should use the noindex robots meta tag in the head section ...

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