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I do recommend to conduct some analysis for this. Keywords with most traffic doesn't always mean that there is gold. Get what I mean? OK here we go - example only: baseball bat - 5k monthly searches with 20 monthly conversion/s. baseball bats - 10k monthly searches with only 2 monthly conversion/s. Perhaps, an experiment would probably a good idea ...


Unfortunaly - and this isn't documented by google - it works. I've a client site with a ajax adv that injected a asynchronously into body, and Google deindex that page.


Google announced in 2009 that they no longer use the meta keywords tags as a ranking factor, and Bing have since stated they could view it as a spam signal rather than a ranking aid. I'm pretty sure that most other major search engines no longer use the meta keywords tag, apart from Yandex. and Baidu. So I'd recommend not using the tag at all unless you ...


We've recently had advice on best practice for a very similar structure. Canonical: Canonical shouldn't be shared across languages, but used within a language. For instance, your Masai homepage would have a canonical tag of: https://www.domain.com/mas But the canonical for your German homepage would be: https://www.domain.com/de x-default: ...

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