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The weightage of keyword density in meta description for your SEO is now a very miniscule part of a super intelligent Google crawling and indexing algorithm. According to my experience the description should be as relevant as possible and it has huge importance as : This appears in the Google search result snippet which the actual user sees. If you have ...


The concept of keyword density is obsolete in 2016. Putting a keyword twice or thrice is no better than having it once, more so in obscure tags like Meta Description which had been heavily abused in the past to influence ranks. Craft a description that does what it is supposed to do; describe the content of the page in a nutshell. Don't make it look spammy ...


The meta-description will not have significance, but title will show up in the titlebar of the user's browser: But in terms of a Google penalty, it shouldn't be an issue if they aren't indexed. I'd take the opportunity to use your tutorial titles to guide the user. If they're supposed to be accessed in a specific order why not number them in that order.

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