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Internal links with parameters are best written with the magic word fullurl, e.g. [{{fullurl:Page|action=edit}} edit Page]. If I understand correctly, you want to take an inline query (Ask) like {{#ask: [[Category:City]] [[located in::Germany]] | limit=3 }} and get a link to its "edit query" panel. The easiest would be to add limit=0 and let the user ...


Looks like the problem was with the MediaWiki installed. $wgServer there was equal to wikinames-org.herokuapp.com initially. I thought that I've changed that, but looks like the change wasn't uploaded to Heroku.


You can add * {{SITENAME}} to MediaWiki:Sidebar and use some script to replicate that, or use the AddMessages extension or the MessagesPreLoad hook to set the text from code.

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