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To override this use canonical URLs to tell Google to use the non https version in their search results.


Mu understanding (from a similar issue I saw last year) is that if Google detects the same content available on the same domain over SSL secured https as http, they will prefer the SSL version in their index. I have not seen a preference to set to override this. The best solution for you is to get https turned OFF for your domain. If you don't have a ...


Yes, it applies to your website automatically. However if you want more control, then you need to "research more advanced configurations" (as they say) yourself, or ask in the forums. One drawback with not doing anything else is The default caching time for static content is 7 days. This means that when you upload a new version of a file on your ...


I would approach this in the following manner: Download an export file from your Wordpress.com blog. Make sure to tick the option about downloading attachments as well. "Move" your domain to Media Temple. The question here is where you bought your domain. If on Wordpress.com, then I have no idea if they offer a way to change DNS settings but they should. ...


I think this article on the Media Temple knowledgebase should tell you what you need. http://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/5/%28mt%29+Media+Temple%27s+DNS%7B47%7DNameserver+information


I would suggest contacting their customer support or looking into the Knowledge Base. Both are excellent at Media Temple. For example: http://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/82/Using+Cron+on+a+%28dv%29+Dedicated+Virtual+Server :-)


It is likely that a site somewhere linked to you using https:// and Google then followed relative links through your site which ended up as HTTPS. You've take some good steps already by putting the correct URLs in your XML sitemap. I would also suggest to: Turn off SSL if possible. Link to your pages using the full URL, i.e. http://example.com/page.html ...

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