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To clarify the terminology: Microdata is a syntax. Schema.org is a vocabulary. (And such a vocabulary can be used with different syntaxes like JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa). Your two example snippets are correct. And your observation is also correct: BlogPosting doesn’t define any new properties. […] can I use the properties from other item types like: ...


Sure, cross-domain is fine. Using .mobi was very popular for a while, other sites just use "m.theirdomain.com", it's essentially up to you. Keep in mind that multiple domains for the same site does increase the maintenance overhead, but that's ultimately your decision.


I dont think anyone can give you specific advice on why respnsive design is so hard to code, but there are usually two approaches. A. you design for the smallest possible screen and work your way up (mobile first), or b you start with the largest possible screen and work your way down. You can get very elaborate with things, and its a matter of user ...

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