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The impact of those styling tags (itself) is very big near nothing. Ok, why is this exactly not what it seems to be? Several sources are talking about the impact of CSS styling, the impact of responsiveness (See links at question), and the impact of semanticity and saying usually completely different things. (Not least because they are created at different ...


The differences are their semantic functions, and I recommend referring to the W3 HTML specification for details rather than 3rd parties. I suggest looking at the definitions in that specification for <em>, <i>, <b> and <strong> and using the one that conveys the correct meaning in each instance. In terms of SEO impact, the benefit ...


When adding schema markup you should answer two important questions: Does this markup help Google to better understand what my content is about? Does it add value to my content? Of course, Schema gives us the possibility of having rich snippets in SERPs, but this shouldn't be our only motivation.


The website is the relevant and the only canonical source for types and properties. Type vs. property. A type represents a thing, a property is for providing information about that thing. The name of a type always starts with an uppercase letter (e.g., Person), the name of a property always starts with a lowercase letter (e.g., ...

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