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Go to http://www.wikimatrix.org/search.php. Choose Markdown Support under Syntax Features from the list on the left. Click Search. I get 28 results.


Tumblr is a free blogging service that supports almost all of the features you mention. (Screenshots below from my own tumblr login area; I use it for two of my blogs.) To use Markdown Go to Account > Preferences, and select the following: To redirect pages Click the 'Customize' link from your Dashboard, then the 'Pages' header, and the 'add page' ...


Try http://hallojs.org/demo/markdown/


Breno Salgado posted this simple Jekyll plugin on StackOverflow: ./_plugins/markdown_tag.rb: module Jekyll class MarkdownTag < Liquid::Tag def initialize(tag_name, text, tokens) super @text = text.strip end require "kramdown" def render(context) "#{Kramdown::Document.new(File.read(File.join(Dir.pwd, '_includes', ...


One excellent editor/writer on the Mac OS X platform is iA Writer. It's is beautiful and simple to use. If you're looking for web-based options, look at CKEditor or TinyMCE. See this answer also.


Yes; you can set a default editor in Joomla general configuration settings, choosen among every editor you installed; and you can also override this setting on a "per-user" basis, in the profile of the user. When installed, your new editor (Textile or not) will be present in the editor select list, both in general configuration and in user profile ...


I use Wordpress with the plug in WPML (Wordpress Multilingual) for every multilingual site i build for my clients. Its amazing! Especially if you pay for the pro version. Then you can even create translator users and rent professional translators directly through the plug inn interface! the best thing about it is that it has allot of options while ...


With WordPress: After installing WordPress, download this plugin and play with it. It should be able to do everything you need (look at the plugin description to judge): qTranslate With Drupal: Drupal is a great CMS. When a client of mine needed multi-lingual/localized content, I used Drupal. There are modules for translation and localization, and the ...


I am not allowed to post a link, but if you search for yoonique markdown extra editor joomla you should be able to find one. It is not exactly wysiwyg, but it has a preview pane, which updates have after every RETURN. You can also set an option to filter the markdown extra output with htmlawed. [edit] It looks like I am actually able to post a link ...

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