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There are 2 real solution ( not the redirecting thing) Using 'Domain Masking' ( google it) You want otherdomain.com to show the sub1.maindomain.com/folder You can do the following . • create a sub2.maindomain.com And configure it with the server so that it displays the sub1/folder • Create a CNAME Record on otherdomain.com that points to ...


The absolute simplest thing to do is create a CNAME record in your DNS that points myfrienddomain.com to sub1.mydomain.com and make sure there is no A record for myfrienddomain.com. You do not need a redirect. Let DNS do the work.


An easy way to do it in PHP is to create index.php on the site that needs to be redirected: <?php header("HTTP/1.1 301 Redirect",true); header("Location: http://example.com/folder",true); ?><html><head><title>Redirect</title></head><body><a href="http://example.com">Click here to ...


Yes Google can crawl your images and maps which you have on your website. You can configure these bits of data also with a data highlighter so it gives Google a better knowledge of what it actually is. If I am right you can also submit maps to Google webmasters now? Google know alot more about your images and data shown on your map than you think, if you ...

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