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You won't be able to generate the backups using FTP. Not unless you have shell access. Generating the backups from admin panel will be a good option if you are on a shared web host. It creates the backup & saves it under your root directory's var folder. Makes it easy for you to download via FTP.


Doesn't matter what directory you run the command in, however it will save the sql dump file into the folder your currently in if using SSH to run the command. If you would like to save the file in an alternative path or should you be running it using a cron job then simply edit the last string with the full path you'd like to save the file too, i.e DBNAME ...


You have already created a new SFTP account with restricted directory access, which is one of the precautions to consider. If you are worried about the freelancer guy tampering your database, that still can be done with only FTP access. As he can access your Magento installation directory, he can get your database credentials and use those in a PHP script ...


Solution: add the canonical URL to the product page and point it to the "root" magento/product. Not sure if necessary, but probably yes for the sitemap: remove all the asssociated product from the parent category and add them to the sub ones.

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