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Yes and no. Google shows local searches from Chennai for the keyword "Part time jobs" because it believes if you search for this keyword, you're looking for a job near you. This behaviour is solely in the hands of Google. But you can optimize your website in such a way that your website will show up in these results: Add the name of the city to the title ...


Ideally, you markup the visible content that you already have. ("Ideally" because it’s also possible to add hidden Schema.org data which could be added to any/each page, but search engines typically prefer visible content.) For HTML5, this means that you’d have to use Microdata and/or RDFa (see my answer about their differences).


Citations of name, address, and phone number are very important for ranking in Google Maps searches. Google measures how "important" a local business is by counting the number of times its name, phone number, and address appear on the web. If you don't have a physical storefront where you want to have customers show up, you don't need to worry about ...


NAP falls in the category of "trust signals". There are some characteristics that legitimate web-only businesses have that illegitimate web-only businesses do not. Legitimate web-only businesses tend to have fully fleshed-out "About Us" sections of their websites, which may include NAP. Legitimate web-only businesses have employees, and commonly link ...

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