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Matt Cuts avised here to give each location a webpage (It could be two domains or within a single domain). However, In my experience is better to use a single domain because of benefits such as concentrated SEO efforts, less costs, content creation, content management and tracking. Because there is no real difference you will need to decide between a ...


I am no SEO expert but in my opinion if the services supplied are basically the same then one website would be suffice. I would host a single website with service differences for each store / office and have each domain name pointing to the single website, a landing page can be setup with each stores logo/name or build it into a single site such as example, ...


This belongs to your website SEO, Go to your website . Find meta contents with area target option. Change the targeted country with other countries you wish, then find the targeted area code and edit it to your targeted country.


Googlebot does not use cookies to work out translations, it detects the language on the page and so your content while being accessed by Googlebot from its U.S IP will serve English language content. Google recommends using different URL's for different language content such as your default site being in English but setting up a different sub domain for ...

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