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The other answers have already covered that redirecting would be a bad/pointless response and that simply dropping the response with a suitable status would be preferred. However, you did ask some other questions... will the other destination be aware of my Server IP? You used Google in your example. Being a search engine they will probably discover ...


Well aren't you friendly... "Hey Google, I'm having a DOS, but im making it your problem, thanks" First: There is no difference for you between serving an 301 or an 404 error page. Your server will have to do the same amount of work. The difference here is that you, with your 301->google solution, now ALSO make it Google's problem, effectively doubling ...


In the situation you give it is definarely dangerous and not a good idea, and could most definately result in issues for your site, it woukd be better to simply take that one file offline or if the traffic is coming from one cidr block then block that cidr, forwarding the attack to another site oike Google could ge seen as you taking part in the attack, plus ...


You've tried tar? tar is good! Well, rsync is good too. For the time being, let me tell you about tar. tar zvcf - $PWD | ssh -i keyfile.pem username@ip-address "dd of=/home/tarfile" I am assuming you can build the trust (exchange of ky pairs) for logging in. Using v flag is a good thing.

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