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So you're telling us the page does not exist (for mobile users)? That means it should be a 404 redirect. The 301 means that the page has moved, but it simply doesn't exist.


You say you are getting a message about faulty redirect, so not why you think that means duplicate content? Google are pretty clear about redirecting smart phone users if there isn't a matching page Faulty redirects A faulty redirect occurs when a desktop page incorrectly redirects smartphone users to a smartphone page not relevant to their query. ...


It’s similar to using the meta element for Microdata (in fact, the only difference between meta and link is that link must be used if the value is a URI, meta in every other case): Use link if you can’t provide a visible hyperlink/image/video/etc. A typical (but not the only) reason for using link is in cases where the URL is not supposed to be visited by ...


You're doing things exactly correct. Use 301 and there will be no problems. This is NOT a situation to be using rel=canonical. Canonical linking is for multiple URLs with the same content. This isn't what you have, instead you're trying to move users in the proper direction. The best case scenario is to just not show the links to the 200 and 500 pages on ...

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