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As a sidenote, while on the subject of SEO and homepage links. Are you considering whether the address used to access your homepage is consistent? A lot of webmasters make the mistake of serving their homepage at example.com/ but linking to example.com/index.php from deeper pages. Googlebot will consider these 2 different pages and report duplicate content. ...


In the past I had a small site to which the anchor text to the homepage (index page in your case) was a keyword, and not "home". It worked quite well in terms of ranking on Google. But in my case, the homepage was a long page with content, and it was one of the main pages of the site (small site). I'm not sure how your homepage looks like. If the homepage ...


I also had this same problem. I solve by adding meta tag like below and it will be work only in Chrome and Safari. <meta name="Referrer" content="origin">


Yes, there is nothing wrong with this. Search engines will still be able to access full text for indexing. Of course, make sure you don't cut all the title, because that might be considered as a deceptive hidden link. P.S.: If the links are really too long and you have dozens and dozens of them, consider making the anchor texts smaller, because there is a ...

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