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Are we allowed to import these comments for display on our site? Technically speaking (and if I understand your issue well), those comments are not generated on your platform in the first place, so they cannot be covered by some kind of agreement between the user who created them and you. It is more like you are willing to import something your don't ...


If you are creating a quicklauncher shortcuts page, I would not worry much about what google is going to think. Chances are that even if you were violating any policy of theirs, they would not care because its not for a commercial purpose and points your users to their products. If you want to play it super safe (compliance paranoia) then replace the ...


Here is a list of policies: Permissions. If your issue isn't covered in these, I suggest you Contact Them via email.


I believe this issue is more of a copyright issue than a twitter issue. If you don't have one's permission to use their images and if you are doing it in an automated way and on a large scale, it would be considered as content scrapping by search engines. Yes it would be aggregation, but aggregation of stuff you don't own and don't have the right to use. I ...

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