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On any page that uses the content licensed under the CC Attribution 2.0 Generic licence must contain the link to that license and the appropriate credit. If you use a lot of content under this license you might find it easier to put the link to the license on every page, most likely in a footer. But the attribution must be specific for each piece of content ...


Some of the laws of Canada, Germany, and New Zealand would apply to your situation. If a German sued you in German court about your website, the court could summon you. If a Canadian sued you in Canadian court, the Canadian court could seize your servers If a New Zealander sued you in New Zealand court, the New Zealand court could seize your domain name.


First of all, I am also not a lawyer, nor any kind of expert in trademark law in any jurisdiction. For a definitive answer, you really need to consult a local intellectual property lawyer. That said, according to that fount of all legal knowledge on the Internet, Wikipedia, you should generally be safe, at least under U.S. law, as long as you're only using ...

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