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As a rule, what makes sense for semantic markup and accessibility usually also makes sense for SEO, and you should certainly not damage usability or code quality for the sake of any SEO that Google have not recommended to webmasters. On-site SEO should be about helping Google index your site thoroughly and accurately, and not trying to find loopholes in ...


I don't see where it says that product is licensed under the GPL or that it is offered for free under any circumstances. In fact their FAQ days: DO I NEED TO BUY GENESIS? Yes. So if you use it for free you are almost certainly acquiring it through illegal means. So no, it is not safe to use for free.


Google knows what is what before your visitors do Google's crawlers have really advanced since there first launch, their crawlers has the ability to detect actual content area, the width of that content as well as the height of the actual content region. Repeated Content Elements such as headers, footers and sidebars that get repeated on several or all ...


Even if you do not order anything and the navigation and sidebar div(s) appear in the HTML code before the content, Google and Bing can sort this out without too much trouble, however, there is a performance boost, albeit not a huge one, when you can push these elements below the content. The primary reason is because the HTML is read in byte order from left ...

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