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Yes. The definition of the href attribute for the link element says: […] must contain a valid non-empty URL potentially surrounded by spaces This links to the definition of valid non-empty URL, which links to the definition of valid URL, which says that is has to be a URL that conforms to the authoring conformance requirements in the URL standard ...


If possible do always use absolute links instead of relative ones. Why? Because relative links may cause crawl errors. Especially when it comes to alternate links you should make sure the bot finds exactly the URL you want it to crawl. Further it is not a good idea to use parameters for language indication. Please visit the following guides on multi ...


Looks like it. This example comes from the HTML5 specs: For example, the following link is a French translation that uses the PDF format: <link rel=alternate type=application/pdf hreflang=fr href=manual-fr>

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