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Yes, this is quite simple to achieve in Google Analytics... From your 'Reporting' tab in GA:- Set your time period. Navigate to Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages Click on 'Bounce Rate' to sort by those pages with the highest bounce rate.


The landing page is the page which the person first visits your site on the chat. The next page is the page they go after they visited in that session. Each visit is recorded as a "session". If that member comes back using the homepage with another session, then the homepage will be their landing page and the next page after that is what they go to.


Based on the pageviews metric, it looks like all traffic is getting lumped into a single page. I get the same behavior as you, unless I use "Landing Page" as the main dimension and pageviews as the metric. Then after running the report, use the "Secondary Dimension" drop down and add "next page path" as the secondary dimension. Once you do that it breaks ...

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