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According to Google, SEO Doesn't depend Upon the Meta tags Keyword. And Google bots will never have a look at it. But many SEO experts suggest using the Meta Keyword tag. And To The answer of Your question, you can use the keywords any no of times as long as they are a different phrase. But there's a word limit on keywords. And also make a practice to ...


For some reason Google thinks your client's website is a relevant website when someone searches for bad-keyword. This works in the exact same way as trying to score good for keyword, the websites content and titles and other SEO valuable items score high in relevance. Apparently this site provides good results for this keyword, other than rewriting the ...


Yeah, keywords can be omitted. But the description shows in the search, around 160 characters. So you should provide short summary of the page in the description.


"keywords" seems a little technical. I'd trying to label it something that wouldn't turn off users. Top searches Blue widgets Widgets in blue Azure thing-a-whizits Doing something like this is fairly common practice and can get synonyms onto the page easily.

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