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I am not sure what the consequences of all the options are, but I do know that the show/hide method works. This is because the text, if done right, can still be spidered by search engines and has not to date caused a penalty. You will see this technique on many sites that perform extremely well so I have to imagine this is the best option.


Google does not view multiple city domains highly. Matt Cutts has highlighted this scenario multiple times as something that you need to be careful about. Here is an example of him doing so: Cutts said if you have multiple sites you want to link together you need to have a very good reason to be linking them together, otherwise it will come across as ...


If it is the same site with shared content then you should use http://thisproduct.com/miami/ :) If they are different sites with different content, then use different domains (Some hosts allow you to have one server for multiple domains) With the 2012 changes Google will cluster sites in it's eyes depending on how they are interlinked, this means that it ...


In most cases, the homepage has more SEO weight because it gets more backlinks to it than other pages. If you want to see showing up on Google Search each page of your site for specific keywords, you can try: to optimize each page for these specific keywords (<title>, <h1>, etc.) to get more backlinks to these internal pages


The only consideration I see is that the words download, PDF, and article will become likely the top three or at least within the top ten keywords your site is known for therefore the site topic as seen by Google and/or Bing maybe that of article download. There may be two problems with that: Your site is not about article downloading. It can dilute the ...


If your repeated content is used to help your users and doesn't content keywords of your website, I don't think it would be considered as keyword stuffing by search engines. However, if you want to avoid potential duplicate content issues, you can avoid repeating this paragraph over your all pages and migrate it to a new page like an "help center to ...

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