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I've been using JWPlayer for the past few years and while I'm intrigued by JPlayer it is missing some features I need. Based on my initial investigation, JPlayer is currently missing 2 key features as compared to JWPlayer - RTMP streaming and control of video scaling if the player and video are of different sizes. RTMP streaming is straight forward - ...


There is no method of embedding video in email that guarantees playback in all email clients. The best current workaround is to use HTML5 video embedding, suggested in this blog post from Campaign Monitor. This allows you to specify a fallback image that prompts users of email clients without HTML5 video support to click through to a web page to see the ...


Youtube videos can appear to be embedded when being accessed using GMail's web client, but no, it's email, there are effectively no content standards.


I would recommend jPlayer as it is open source and free. The API is a little cumbersome, but nothing too serious. JWPlayer's free version overlays a watermark on the video.


You can add Javascript to the page head by using an addJs action. If you search the Magento site for addjs head you can see examples of how people have done it.

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