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Unless you have disabled mootools (the default javascript library in Joomla 1.5), then the jquery may well be causing a conflict. Instead of using $ try using jQuery, ie jQuery(document).ready The datatables javascript may also have the same problem.


The issue was not related to Nginx setup, instead it was a setting to enable SEF in Joomla's database. Disabling SEF stopped the issue from occurring. A restore to local OS X server did not show the issue after initial installation, it occurred however after a Debian installation.


If it helps at all the CIDR range converts to:


Yes. The IP address is CloudFlare within the IP address range of -


I'm assuming that the bind.php file is not actually a part of Joomla, but rather a malicious script that the hacker uploaded to your site. In particular, just looking at the request parameters, it appears likely that the script is being used to send e-mail spam, possibly using someone else's hijacked e-mail account. Here's what the request parameters in ...

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