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This is a good question and I'm glad to hear you're online again, but as requested i'll dig into this scenario a bit deeper. OK firstly, like many elements online you need to keep the latency of requests as low as possible, this includes dns lookups. By relaying your dns information in a long chain using many providers you will increase the points of ...


Putting your server behind Cloudflare can help solving your issues (or at least mitigate most of them) easily. Many features are available for free. It will save you a lot of time and pain. P.S.: I am not affiliated with Cloudflare in any way.


I deal with this type of situation using my virtual host configuration. Under Apache, the first virtual host is the "default" virtual host. I configure it to serve a 404 error with the message 404 Not Found -- Hostname Not Recognized This server is not configured to serve documents for foo.example.com Then I create specific virtual hosts for ...

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