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Having each sub folder (/uk /de /fr ) as its own entitity in webmaster tools will allow you to target that region directly. This tells google, when someone in the UK is searching for widgets, here is a site which is tailored for that audience. As for Hreflang tags, only use them when the content is almost identical but the language switches. For for ...


Yes you can totally do that ! Number 1: Using locale parameter for your site to serve different accepted language pages based on where's the visitor is from. You can do this serving the parameters in your .htaccess file. Basically your sites will start with language preferences serving them differently for example: example.com for a spanish site would be ...


Google and Bing ignore language headers, and even encoding meta tags. They instead look at the content of page to determine language. What you need are rel links with hreflang for each country and region. A good sample is visiting etsy.com and doing a view source. You can see they target by country, and sometimes multiple languages per country.

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