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This happened to my website once. I have submitted about 80K URLs and Google indexed about 72K URLS. Later it slowly removed most of the pages. What I found is that the pages which I have submitted has thin content. And also, Poor architecture might be secondary reason. So check if all pages having unique and sufficient content and resubmit.


I am not sure if your theory is good because it is based on a very big assumption that your new website will take the credit for your old site after deindexing. Except rel="canonical", you don't have anything else to pass on the credit and if that isn't working now, how can you be sure it will work after deindexing your old pages? Understand that ...


Are you talking about vs OR vs Google usually shows all subdomains when you do including results from but if you do (where www is a subdomain), it shows only results from Even in case of vs ...


Interest in anything waxes and wanes. Every bucket can only be filled so far. Popular television programs gain a first time audience but some of them find they're not interested and don't come back. All of those apply to you.


Asking for indexing to Google by submitting a sitemap file or putting some links from other websites to your own doesn't necessarily correlate with your traffic. Even if fresh content can influence rankings, it doesn't neccesarily increase your traffic when new pages are indexed (especially if your site and/or your new pages are not well SEO-optimized). A ...

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