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I had this scenario not so long ago, when without me knowing, redirect from HTTPS to HTTP URLs that we had for long accidentally got removed and 2/3 of our URLs got indexed with HTTPS instead of HTTP. And we had a HTTP version of the site registered with Google Search Console. So, naturally, data was dropping on our property on GSC until I figured what the ...


You want to deliver the impressions "as fast as possible" from under the "Adjust delivery", "Deliver impressions" drop down. "As fast as possible" delivers the impressions first (before AdSense) where as evenly will intermix them and frontloaded will show mostly your banner. Here is the Google support page about delivery speed where this is documented.


Search site:xyz.com in Google. Check if the your index links are still the same in numbers or not. Probably your index links are removed by Goolge. If not make sure your page rankings and backlinks are not ceased. If you have recently added low quality external links to your sites remove it and crawl the pages again.

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