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Google declared to execute JavaScript with their bots, see this post for more explanation. As documented you mustn't forbid static files to GoogleBot for dynamic crawling.


Google does not treat CSS content the same as that on page Generally Google will only attempt to index content that is actually embedded within the page content associated with an appropriate tag such as <img>. You can however attempt to force Google's hand by adding the path of the background image into a image sitemap. Some Schema markups require ...


Content Delivery Networks Most good content delivery networks will have a vast network of servers in various locations in US, EUROPE and ASIA. While you care little about US and ASIA its not relevant that your files will be cloned on these networks as most CDN's the price includes all these networks within the set profit margins and therefor will not cost ...


You can get IP that serves image with ping command or in Developer Tools of your browser And check it's possible destination in geoiptool but the best solution to check you page speed is to test it with pingdom or gtmetrix, cause distance is not always important. Anyway Dropbox is definitely not for storing images.

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