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The logo property is a sub-property of the image property. That means that whenever you use logo, you are implicitly also using image. And logo can currently only be used for a few types (Brand, Organization, Place, Product, Service), while image is defined for Thing, so it can be used everywhere. It does not necessarily have to make sense to use both ...


I'd use it where you have both a logo and a feature image on a page, like this: This page isn't actually marked up like this, but you could set logo for the actual Crocs logo on the right, and image for the banner featuring the product on the left.


tl;dr I think your images are indexed OK, but you are simply not able to see all the images that Google has indexed. i did search in google image search and counted the number of images. it was around only 500. Curious, I see considerably more when performing a site: search for your real site on Google Image search. But there are more than 500 images ...


"Is there anything like it will index only from particular path?" It sounds like you want a "canonical URL" for each image. That's smart; it may help "improve link and ranking signals for content available through multiple URL structures or via syndication" (to quote the source below). Google has an article on this: Use canonical URLs A search for "magento ...


I think there should be a standalone page for every image that is NOT connected to any article or content... You should create standalone page just for images used for example as background images or logos... Then, it doesnt matter what description is showed.

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