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The browser is showing the punny-code as a way to protect you from phishing sites. There are several Unicode glyphs who are virtually indistinguishable one from another. which is the good one? microsoft.com micros𝚘ft.com


What you're looking for is called Punycode. You can do pretty much any Unicode character with it, I believe. Verisign have a nifty conversion tool here. In your scenario, mjölk.com translates to xn--mjlk-6qa.com - xn--mjlk-6qa.com is the domain you'll need to register and the DNS entries you'll need to create if you want that IDN. (You can try this in ...


When you type an IDN for a non-IDN-supported TLD, FireFox goes and converts it into punycode instantly. Try it yourself: http://español.com/ 1 - you'll see it takes you to a parked domain. This indicates that yes, you can register the punycode against the registrar and it will work, but perhaps not as you intended. 1SE's markup doesn't detect IDN urls, so ...


Which web browsers have you tried and what tld(s) are the idn domains for? Firefox supports IDN but only for some tld's - go to about:config in the firefox address bar and search for idn to see the list. updated: .ws isn't on firefox's whitelist, they have a page here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/tld-idn-policy-list.html That has links to ...

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