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The idea with HSTS is that you make sure that HTTPS is even enforced and thus the user is protected against attacks like sslstrip which try to downgrade the connection of the user to insecure HTTP. This means using any of this options shows a huge commitment to the security of the user and that you probably have sensitive data to protect. Insofar it is ...


Sorry for the question. I just learn that I can't use a freeSSL for a subdomain. Sorry again.


As of mid-2015, I haven't found any independent studies, or even anecdotal evidence, that EV certificates would increase conversion rate or sales. I've expanded on that in my answer to EV SSL Certificates - does anyone care?. What did seem to decrease shopping cart abandonment was trust seals and badges. Such trust seals do come with the purchase of an EV. ...


I too have been unable to find independent studies showing an increased perception of trust associated with the green bar. Digicert published a white paper pompously titled "The Impact of Extended Validation (EV) Certificates on Customer Confidence" claiming that 59% more users "said they were most likely to enter their details" into a site displaying an EV ...

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