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yes, I am using Flexible SSL (Free) cloudflare service This is the "problem". As Antony suggests in comments. Your server is responding to requests on port 80 (plain HTTP). The SSL connection is only between the visitor and CloudFlare. The connection between CloudFlare and your server is not encrypted. This is what the "Flexible SSL" (Free) CloudFlare ...


All that is passed to the social media platforms is the URL of the page being shared as a URL paramater. The social media platforms then perform a crawl of the page in question to get the details of the page to attach to the share post. Your sites cookies and referrers are not passed along as a popup window is opened which then is redirected from the addthis ...


As a work around, I am proxying the web service: My SSL Hosting (Angular Project + Newly created proxy web service) AWS (Old Web service + MySql Database) From angularJS i call newly created proxy (that just uses cURL). This cURL code passes request to AWS server over HTTP.


HTTP is a standard method, a protocol, for transporting information. REST is a non-standard method for representing state of that information. REST requests take place using the HTTP protocol. That protocol gives methods of exchanging data via GET, POST, DELETE, etc. REST defines how to use those methods but those methods are part of HTTP. Bad example, HTTP ...

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