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Your HTTP server should handle your access logging. I add additional logging from my application because there are fields that I want log that the HTTP server doesn't have access too: Response category (page, html fragment, image, js, css, json, etc) Page template (name of template file used to generate the page) Logged in user id (HTTP server can log ...


Google does not display http://, it does however display https:// and does this to indicate to users that the site uses SSL. Sites that do not force SSL will display with no protocol. Google is pushing for SSL to become the standard while it has users security in mind but it is also my opinion that they have an agenda behind this... because when all search ...


Just a quick note that a 500 internal server error is an issue with your actual server. If you want to test this in the future, then you can run this command in terminal to see what your server is returning: curl -v -H 'Host: yourdomain.com' yourserver IP (replace with your actual domain & your server IP address in those fields).

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