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Your request body is very large. If I'm correct, your request body is at least 10.4 KB in size because of all those fields that begin with chk and that have a value of at least 5 characters. That makes 10 characters (including equals and a one-digit chk number). Multiply 10 by 1024 fields crafted this way and you get 10.2 KB request size minimum. Ask ...


The second option is the better one - both from an SEO and organisation of data point of view.


So you're telling us the page does not exist (for mobile users)? That means it should be a 404 redirect. The 301 means that the page has moved, but it simply doesn't exist.


You say you are getting a message about faulty redirect, so not why you think that means duplicate content? Google are pretty clear about redirecting smart phone users if there isn't a matching page Faulty redirects A faulty redirect occurs when a desktop page incorrectly redirects smartphone users to a smartphone page not relevant to their query. ...

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