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It doesn't matter what you wrap it in, Google will read the content and that's all they care about.


I mentioned this in comments earlier, but I think it is a reasonable solution and a better way to mark up the content... Instead of having the p element (containing the tooltip) hardcoded in the HTML following the anchor, simply include this text in the anchors title attribute. This attribute is, after all, intended for this purpose... to provide the user ...


why is using multiple consecutive line breaks in HTML considered a bad practice Because it breaks the fundamental principle of separation of concerns: by mixing the "content" and "presentation" layers. By using multiple <br>s to create "margins" you are embedding the presentation in the content. To change the "margins" you need to change the ...


Because a line break is used to break a line and not add margin. The effect may appear the same but the semantics are not. If you want a margin on a div, use "margin". You have people who turn CSS off? I doubt that. You have visitors with javascript turned off? Those who know how to do that are the same who know what to expect as a result.


Flash tends to have higher compatibility with a lot more web browsers than HTML5 does. Flash has been around for several years, but HTML5 is relatively new. In order for companies to present multimedia to worldwide customers effectively, they would use the tools compatible with the browsers customers have.


Companies that use Flash have a workflow with it and have no reason to change, perhaps. They have the tools and the talent to use it so why change? Flash is readily available on Windows still but it's a heavy thing to have, often requires installation and updating and mobile devices can bog down (the reason Apple doesn't allow Flash on mobile). It should be ...


The same reason they still support insecure connection modes.... Compatibility. Embedded OS's in some devices and things haven't been updated in a very long time. Perhaps some devices like kiosks are even ie8 on XP without any service packs. Generally, who knows what dinosaurs are out there. Also I believe html5 player is a fallback. It's prob less code ...

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