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Hotmail/Live is ... quirky. Much, much quirkier than other email services when it comes to "protecting" users from bulk email. You can find many complaints about Hotmail/Live all over the web about this stuff -- and it's true in my experience. First, make sure you sign up using their SenderID forms. The Sender ID SPF Record Submission Form will put your ...


I've been in the email delivery software industry for years, and I can tell you that there is is no magic bullet for email deliverability. First, you have to send email that people want to receive. This means email that people click, open, and use the email and that you get a low number of spam complaints. Confirmed opt-in is a great policy, and will gain ...


Hotmail, which is operated under now, is provided by Microsoft. You can request they remove your IP address by completing the form here (this may require signing up for first). It will take a few days for them to investigate the report, and if your IP address was not associated with sending Spam, you'll receive an email back from ...


My honest advice would be to not do it yourself if you want reliable delivery without being flagged as a spammer. Use Campaign Monitor or aWeber or similar who are trusted senders of bulk email. I hope this helps. Cheers, Mark


If two separate customers of turnkey are having a problem with Microsoft emails then a blocked ip address is unlikely as you are both using dedicated ip's. I would check your ip's against a black list checker like this one. If nothing is showing up as blocked then it sounds like a config issue. If your hosting provider will not support you, consider ...


I have had server IP's blacklisted by Microsoft a few times and I have had them removed reasonably quickly. I noticed that after entering and joining anti spam related services that they recommend it was faster and easier. I recommend that you ensure that you can reply Yes to the below questions in the web form where you ask for support for quickest ...


We did two things: Sign up with JMRP via Sign up with SNDS via The JMRP application will go through a form and a document you need to sign. In our case it took about two days to get approved. Make sure that your SPF/DKIM/DMARC is setup correctly - we are using Port25 and their ...


Go to the below URL and search on for your domain. This will check a bunch of blacklists and it will tell you if your domain is listed. there is also advise on how to get removed. You might be listed with more than just Microsoft.


You appear to by trying use the Gmail SMTP server as an open relay. Mail servers are no longer configured such that you can send email from anybody to anybody else. I would expect you to be able to use the GMail SMTP server only to send email from your GMail address. Google may be allowing mail to go through when it is to your own domain, but is dropping ...


Coding Horror had a pretty thorough discussion of sending e-mail through code. It includes a reference to the Port 25 verifier that might be useful.


Check these tips by andreas kraus for avoiding spam filters while sending automated mails based on his analysis of SpamAssassin (an open-source spam filter)

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