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No issue, Short headings are relevant for SEO. So, those headings are easily crawled by Google search engine. It is important to keep your heading SEO friendly and easily detected by a Search engine.


Good SEO comes from good page content. Good SEO also comes from correct markup. Naturally as HTML5 is a total mess of non-clear markup rules I would stick to Xhtml versions if you do not need canvas commands. Anyhow I would not play tricks. I would get great page content and proper markup and make lots of pages and get good results. Google feels the love you ...


The rules are simple regarding to this: You are not allowed to wrap an inline element around a block element. The exception: If you use HTML5, you may wrap in anchor around a block element. From a SEO perspective it doesn't have influence, it's valid html so they wont discredit for that. It doesn't help either. Your ramming a whole paragraph into an ...


Wrapping an anchor around blocks is acceptable in HTML5, not in previous versions like HTML 4/XHTML. In HTML5 we have: The a element may be wrapped around entire paragraphs, lists, tables, and so forth, even entire sections, so long as there is no interactive content within (e.g. buttons or other links). ->


Yes it's a bad idea. Use clear statement <h> tags, this is one of the rules of Google.


I recently read about an SEO experiment where they tried using heading tags (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) and also tried using <div> and <span> that were styled to look like headers (large, bold, prominent text). Their conclusion was that the tags don't matter. Large bold text that is centered at the top of your content is weighted more ...


For SEO, are headings still worth it? Most definitely! If the page is incomplete, then you probably should not publish it (or at least make it not-indexable to search engines). In a complete page setup and to get a page advertised on google, its a good idea to have the following: A wonderful meaningful title under 65 characters. Anything over 65 ...


Yes, headings are still relevant for SEO, because they briefly describe topics of sections, they help organize your web page in a clear way, useful to show organized content for end users and help Search Engines to understand your content better. Designs can vary a lot, so a basic approach to your question would be: If you are listing cities, do they also ...

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