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Method 1: Check your robots.txt and sitemap.xml file. Maybe you disallowed Google to crawl the folder or file. Method 2: Try to rename your image. It can take some hours or days. Find more infos under https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182072.


In HTML5, iframe comes as a replacement for frameset. iframe has been around since HTML 4. It was introduced at the same time as frameset. There isn't a replacement for frameset since framesets are just awful. Is this expected? Yes. If the server says that only pages from the same origin may frame a page, then it will appear blank if framed from a ...


So I set up a test page here. Using Webmaster Tools' Fetch As Google feature, I saw that Google doesn't pick up the image declared in the img's srcset attribute: However, adding the JavaScript Polyfill Picturefill I was very surprised to see that Google now does pick up the image declared in the srcset attribute. This means Google is running the ...


It would appear not, currently. I have numerous images on my site, including many with srcset, and it appears that only the image URL in the src attribute has been indexed by Google. I can't find any recent authoritative sources though.


That's a very bad idea and your site will suffer in the organic search rankings. For one, Google does have image recognition abilities and so your assumption that the bot can't "view" the image is wrong. And two, the algorithm does render pages to decide whether they are not mobile friendly and if your pages are delivering different content to users and to ...


I used to get a lot of attacks from them on my servers. I blocked them via CSF firewall. If you want to block their range put this in your deny file for CSF (without the spaces): # do not delete hosted-by.blazingfast.io # do not delete hosted-by.blazingfast.io # do not delete hosted-by.blazingfast.io ...


Google does not always include publication dates in snippet. 1) Sitemap:- Many of wordpress seo plugins, automatically ping to Google Webmaster Tools(GWT), so Googlebot fetch the dates from sitemap directly, it will not look out in your blog post dates. 2) Rss Feed:- If you submitted ATOM feed in GWT, then Google use that info to find out fresh content in ...

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