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I assume you're referring to http://www.andreexpress.be/diensten/ramenwasser/. Was the page's <title> tag ever "ramen en vitrines"? If you changed the title after Google indexed the page, Google is probably using a cached version of the page. Give them time to re-index the page and the title will be updated accordingly.


It would be much better practice to have the one destination accessible from different areas of the site. If you had for example store/productpage/theproduct and from wherever you place the product it was just to use this link then you avoid copied content and there is no need to redirect. If the pages have been indexed though then you may want to follow the ...


If two URLs are indexed by Google, it most probably considers that two URLs imply a duplicate content issue and it can penalize SEO of your two pages. A good way to avoid this is to implement 301 redirect from one URL to the other or use the rel="canonical" tag on one URL. Read the Google support page on duplicate content for more information.

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