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The problem you have is with your responsive design, and more specific - your breaking points. You can easily see that your website actually look exactly like the screenshot on 1024px width (see http://responsivetest.net/#u=http://www.wetravel.co.il/|1024|768|1) or just minimize your browser's width, you'll see the breaking point eventually). Google test the ...


You can check the full path of your goals in the User Flow report (however it's in reverse - from the landing page to the conversion). Use the "Converters" segment to refine your report.


Google does not appear to index text in .svg image files. I have created an SEO experiment for you. I: put three paragraphs of text in an SVG image saved that as a .svg file embedded the image in a new web page using <img src= waited a week to see what Google indexed Google did not index the text in the image at all. The text on the new page ...

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