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You need to add a new site on Google Webmaster Tools and set the domain as https://example.com all the data is being collected there instead.


These are Google IP addresses as you stated. However, this does not mean that it is part of the search engine. Google has expanded it's business lately and not all of what is happening using a Google IP address has lived up to the standards we have all grown accustomed to. Unfortunately. There are no reverse PTR records for these IP addresses. The ...


The theme, per sé, does not matter for SEO as themes are not a ranking factor nor a concept that search engines care about. So choosing an existing theme, editing an existing theme, or creating one from scratch really have no meaning here. HTML/semantic markup is a ranking factor so making sure you optimize that code is important so how well you ...


You don't have to do everything listed as an optimization. If using a custom font is important to the design of your website then use it. You have a choice between a slightly slower (initial) page load and a better design versus a slightly faster (initial) page load and a slightly lesser design. If using that font improves your business somehow than it's ...


As others mentioned, you can verify real Googlebots, and this isn't a Googlebot IP address. I double-checked with the team about these requests, and they appear to be for the PageSpeed service, which can act as a cache/proxy for websites. If search engines - like Bing or Google - crawl URLs like that, the service will forward those requests to your website ...


You can verify all Google crawlers by using PTR records. See: Verifying Googlebot I find this very accurate. Google now also offers hosting services as well as many other services, so there can easily be requests from Google assigned IP ranges that are not Google's search agents. There is also a good list of Google User Agents.

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