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I currently have seven different sites in my Webmaster Tools under a single account. I don't expect any of them to rank worse for it. It is fairly routine for an SEO consultant to perform SEO services for a company and need access to Webmaster Tools for for their website. I've typically seen that done by allowing the consultant to add and verify the ...


I have been using GWT for three or more years and each website's rankings come from their own SEO techniques. It has nothing to do with single GWT account. On the other hand, GWT allows single account with multiple sites each having multiple sitemaps and multiple owners. If having multiple sites in a single account was a grey shade in Google's ...


There is nothing you can do in Google Webmaster Tools that will mess up rankings short of disavowing a bunch of links. One has nothing to do with the other. In fact, I would seriously question if the SEO manager has any idea about what he is managing. It seems like a silly argument for him to make.

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