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In June 2009 (five and half years ago!), Matt Cutts of Google stated: "If you have the best site, we will try to find it and we will try to rank it highly, regardless of whether it's table-based or CSS-based." Source: Matt Cutts, Google Webmaster Central, June 2009 See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL_GZwoC2uQ (duration: 49 seconds)


It is almost impossible to get an accurate list of current terms and potential terms. Google Webmaster Tools does give you some insight. You know that already. As well, Google Analytics will give you some too though they are often hidden behind the dreaded (not provided). You can ferret out these keywords. Here is one link: ...


I would say any tags ie (rel="tag") would be crawled, but its a matter of on page content that has the most worth and a number of confidential details only known to Google. Like the other poster stated src is only loading external content so not impacting SEO negatively. The bottom line is: Have good content, keep visitors on the page long enough, and your ...


Googlebot will scan JavaScript files for things that may be links and it will crawl those links. I often see Googlebot getting 404 errors on my site for snippets from the JavaScript that are somewhat formatted like URLs. Things like ad/3939999 hello.html /xyzzy These errors also appear in Google Webmaster Tools. However, I have seen no evidence that ...

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