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You appear to have a second, very similar g+ page, I found this by searching for the company's name and address and restricting the search to plus.google.com http://plus.google.com/116517652696883112626/ It seems that google may have picked up that both pages had the same address, website name, etc, and suspended the newer one as a result. Neither page has ...


Hah its not your fault. Pardon the rant in this questions but Google+ is a confusing mess. For as much as they try to make this a keystone, and get people on it, G+ is far too fragmented and confusing for most who use it. Regardless, here is what i think might be wrong: So the link you provided seems to highlight "profile" within the dropdown on the left ...


You can share the Gmail Login Credentials to them if you trust them. The other method is you can provide them permission access to your Analytics account by https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009702?hl=en this procedure. It is always recommended to follow the second method in which your personal Gmail & Google Drive information is not ...


No, don't give your Google passwords to anyone. Pretty much every Google business tool should allow you to delegate access to additional Google accounts. Here are support pages for adding users to several Google services. Google Analytics Google My Business/Google+ pages Google Webmaster Tools

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