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The sitemaps with errors, I guess those speak for themselfs. To answer the remainder of your question: Yes it is normal that they dont index all. This number will slowly increase in time, but cán stop before it'll reach 100%. That means they find some pages not worth their while. That could be because of duplicate content, bad content/title/description, ...


I would not worry too much. Often people are concerned that Google will penalize them for stuff that they should be able to do. You are fine. Google will figure things out okay. In fact, I am not not sure I would wait as much as a month, but if you want to be cautious, a month should be a good period of time. I would make sure, if you can, to deliver a 410 ...


You can't predict when Googlebot goes to your site for indexing. Googlebot follows links it finds over the Internet and it can find a link to your site (and goes to your new article) right away after publishing. Googlebot may also be not going to your site for several hours, days, etc. It's the way Googlebot works. To optimize a quick indexing, you can: ...


Because it could then be abused to index a single page 100 times per minute, which would waste Google's server power and bandwidth. You may look at Google as a machine with limitless resources but it is not so, every byte and cpu cycle counts :) As for the 500 and 10 links submission limit per week - it is set reasonably high, most smaller sites do not ...


The best .htaccess code which I am able to give you to do the redirection is as following: # This allows you to redirect your entire website Redirect 301 / http://example.com/ You will have to modify the example as you add it into your .htaccess file.


These all work to help the removal process, but Google WebMasters has a YouTube Video explaining that when a pages goes to 404 statues, and with how many links are being indexed, removed, modified, it is going to take time for them to remove the link permanently from the system.


If you want to see how old is a domain, search on Google for wayback machine. This site is what you're looking for: http://archive.org/web/. If you want to detect plagiarism, this link will help you: http://copyscape.com/signup.php?pro=0&o=f Also, search on Google for "plagiarism checker". Hope I helped.

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