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Submit the second one in google webmaster tools Resubmit sitemap in GWT Check all pages with "fetch as googlebot" and send them to index Set craw rate to maximum https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/34592?hl=en


You need to click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the page, and then click on the Users and Property Owners link. Delete any person who should not have access and change your password.


This solution involves giving the crawler an HTML snapshot for dynamically created content. For pages without fragments - see 3. in the link - these are handled using meta tags to indicate the dynamic content Once HTML snapshots exist the dynamic page will direct the googlebot and other crawlers there. The sitemap should also give the HTML snapshots ...


I took a look at the visual and the source code of the page and agree that the home page has no content. I also ran an additional test to run the page with javascript disabled and nothing appears on screen. You may want to run your page though a bunch of SEO testing tools. Also, try having googlebot test your site in Webmaster tools, and if possible, ...


Actually this is quite an easy one. Your home page has no content. There is nothing for Google to chew on except the title tag. That is not enough. While the home page looks fantastic(!) (and it does by the way), search engines require content- at least enough to create a SERP link. In this case, you have not supplied the minimum for a SERP link. You can ...


You may want to give it some more time, I already see 10 results and the home page is the first result:

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