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The text only version of their cache is exactly that: no images and only text. The only thing that you have in that link is an image with no text. It is removed in the process of creating a text only view of the page for the Google cache. The full HTML version of the cache has working links. I wouldn't expect this to have any effect on Google's ...


There is no way to "force" Google to index anything. The best that you can do is make it easy for Google to index your content and gain reputation. Providing a sitemap, will tell Google about the content, but to get it indexed you need to get link juice to it as well. See The Sitemap Paradox for further reading. You need inbound links into your site, ...


It probably means the page is no longer indexed. This could be due to penalties applied since the page was first indexed. Google is constantly applying quality control updates to their algorithm (commonly known as Panda and Penguin) which can have a negative impact on pages it considers low quality.


Google looks at things differently than we do. Sorry. That is just the way it is. Sometimes you have to see things from Google's perspective before the data makes sense. The Google Webmaster Tools data lags behind a couple of days and some elements a bit more. As far as the various Index Counts, this explains why the difference. However, there is no direct ...

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