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If you would like to see what words the user used to trigger your ads. Under the keywords tab, use the checkbox to select the keyword, then press details and click "search terms" "selected"


I think you have made a big mistake. What you are most likely seeing is finally the result of a cleverly run AdWords campaign. The suspicious words +very +best +product that you dislike are almost definitely the keywords used in the AdGroup. They are known as Broad Match Modifiers and bascially they dictate that all the words marked with + must be present ...


To get to the keywords you have to click on the campaign and then the ad group. It looks like you are on the Campaign level and just need to dive deeper. Once you get down to that level, it is broken out by keyword with a header like this:


There is no need for a custom report as suggested by that answer on StackOverflow. There is a report that does exactly what you want: In the left hand list of reports, navigate to: Acquisition Keywords Paid This report lists your keywords. By default it shows 10 but you can use the "Show rows" drop down to show up to 5000 of them at a time. Your goal ...

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