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Google Analytics now has a Referral Exclusion List. Select your property, go to Admin, then Tracking Info, then Referral Exclusion List. I just started using this feature to block 4webmasters and some other particularly annoying referral spammers, and it does appear to be working.


First, lets define what 100% bounce rate is: Bounce rate of 100% means the person who clicked on your ad only visited the target landing page and did not go to any other page or perform any other actions. So people are visiting your site but they are not engaging with the landing page. This is very common and the only way to improve is to optimize your ...


There is a chance that the keywords you are targeting are also catching people who are searching for them in another context. They then click your ad, see the contents have no relevancy to them, and leave. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > AdWords> Search Queries. Here you can see what people are searching that brings up your ads. You could find the ...

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