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According to the Google AdWords rep I communicated with, until your campaign has enough conversions to set bids based on conversions, a campaign set to Conversion Optimizer will use "automatic" bidding similar CPC bidding with automatic bids setting.


Looks like I've done thing in a wrong way. Instead of inviting manager from managing account I should request access TO managing account ( FROM manager's account by managing account ( NUMBER. After I did all these things I linked accounts and now I was able to apply for API token. Thank you all for participation!


As what @Josip Ivic pointed out, One Google account means for all Google features - If you log in to your adsense account, you will see in settings menu about other products of google and there you can sync your adsense account to Adwords, Mob, etc. This is clear I hope. In related to Access Account in Adwords is used when you would like to invite "someone ...


Mail was registered once to adwords. And it still is. And as part of google policy, you can't link your account to new adsense account because you have one already linked to that mail.

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