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If by "parameters that Google Analytics uses to track Adwords clicks" you're referring to the GCLID, then as long as you have "auto-tagging" enabled, the GCLID will be automatically happened at the end of the ad URL. As you said, you need to make sure your redirect platform properly pass it along.


I'll first respond to closetnoc's response. The reason you hand over your account to an agency is because you either don't want to or don't have the expertise to do it yourself. This is no different than hiring someone to do other parts of the business such as accounting although I agree it can be scary for some to put trust in someone to basically look ...


Reports on click-assisted and impression-assisted conversions: Often, the "last click" before a conversion gets all the credit. But along the way, other clicks and impressions might have guided your customers towards that conversion. Two numbers can help you to see that fuller picture: Click-assisted conversions: All the conversions assisted by clicks ...

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