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adsbygoogle.js and osd.js are third party JavaScript files. Your server isn't the one that sends them to users, so you have no control over their caching. .htaccess will be of no help in this situation. The page speed recommendations are just that: recommendations. They are not hard and fast rules. There are times that you want to break the rules. In ...


You don't have all the information to analyze this yourself. You would also need the ad click logs from Google. They likely had some clicks on ads in their logs associated with a user and IP address. They were suspicious. It didn't look like the clicks from a user that was actually browsing your site. They asked for your server logs so they could ...


Adsense clicks and views are not in real time (they seem to be updated at set periods through the day). Also, there is a possibility that somebody (or more than one person) loaded the page before midnight and then clicked on one of the adverts after midnight. Possible example: User loads the page at 11.30pm. The user's attention drifts to another tab or ...


This often happens when the clicks are just after midnight. The page views actually come from the day before and are attributed to the previous day.

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