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I was curious about them too, so digging a bit into that website, the kind of ads they are using are possible by Google IMA SDK for HTML5, it allows developers to request and track VAST ads in a HTML5 video environment. Here is the relevant javascript code of the website: o.elem.onclick=function(){ want_play||play_btn.disabled||( want_play=!0,...


Once you start using Adsense, they detect that you have placed the ad code on the specific page you sent when signing up, they will automatically review your entire site (not just the page that you submitted in your application) From my personal experience It doesn't matter if you change some of your website content while you are awaiting for the ...


This is not necessary. The latest ad code uses the "async" attribute on the script tag, which means it does not block rendering or delay loading of your site. The tag that loads the script looks like this: <script async src="//"></script> If you are loading multiple ads per page you should ...


There is an option to view number of unique users, total users visiting your site in a selected period. In The Audience Overview -> Select Users From Dropdown


In google AdSense settings, you can choose which ad networks ads you want to show in your site and block others. Yes, it's available in the settings.


You appear to be following the instructions that Google provides To apply to show ads on your own site: Sign in to your AdSense account. Visit the My ads tab. In the sidebar, click Other products. Click Upgrade now and complete the application form. ... If that step is not working for you, there is likely a bug on Google's end that ...


The AdsBot crawler with user agent AdsBot-Google (+, is part of AdWords not AdSense. It is supposedly used for checking landing page content to determine quality score. This bot appears to also visit pages that are not ad landing pages, including pages with no ads on them, no ads to them, and no links to them. Based on the ...


AFAIK you won't get any pricing data from the event. But you can get the line item and potentially other useful info from the event. You can query the DFP reporting (even without premium) to get the impressions/revenue for that line item. If you have other key-value data you pass through, you can get more detailed info about revenue broken apart by the ...


Google will penalize pages with an excessive number of ads but you can have up to three ad blocks with no penalty (based on AdSense policy). As for page load it does effect pagerank but not a ridiculously huge amount compared to how content affects it.


After You Create The Ad unit, it takes sometime to be Activated. So, it'll Automatically start showing Ads After Sometime.

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