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I've seen this question asked many times in various forums. The answer is not clear. Here is a blog post where somebody posed the question to their Google ad rep: Is Lightbox is allowed with AdSense? So I shot a quick email to my Google AdSense Representative. After reviewing the sample page I provided, the AdSense representative finally sent me good ...


Adsense ads don't always fill all the available slots. Google shows reporting for this in your AdSense account. Log in and go to "Performance Reports" > "Bid Types". You will see a line item for "(Unmatched ad requests)" that indicates how often ads don't show up. You can get ads to show up more often by: Opting in to all ad types: image, text, and ...


Unfortunately it looks like for the moment Google Analytics does not support Adsense for Search: Google Analytics only records data for AdSense content ad units, and doesn't include link units, search boxes, mobile ads, or any other AdSense products.

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