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It could possibly be the amount of ads you are attempting to run means approval has been revoked. I believe you are only allowed up to 3, but you are running 5. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295#Google_ad_limit_per_page The blank iframes tend to be what appear when a page is in the awaiting approval phase. Have you checked your adwords ...


I see your ad's showing on your home page. I would do a Control R refresh or F5 to clear you cache. Check in a private browser or from another device.


Rather than trying to avoid Javascript caching, which is not very natural, I would try to fetch the 'variable data part' as a JSON using Ajax for example. If Google can't be sure what your Javascript is all about (since you configuration means it can change each time), then it cannot trust it. Hence, rather than taking a RPM risk, it will take the safe road ...


Eliminate the obvious variables before you panic. Does this happen in all browsers? It takes advertisers a while to catch up to the latest tweaks in ad-blocking code.

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