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Just use responsive ad units. They're great for responsive sites but will also work when you have a website that's just for mobile users (e.g. at m.example.com). I really like how these units adapt themselves to the space available. These days I almost use these exclusively - well together with (maximum 3) 200x90 link units where appropriate. This also ...


Branding in SEO, certainly can contain traditional marketing methods, but really speaks to marketing the site rather than the product or service. These are two separate efforts. For this, there are several things you can do. I created a quick list of steps someone can take to brand a website in this answer: google excluding site for queries for it's ...


It was a config issue, had to add my site in settings > site authorisation to the 'authorised sites' list. So this was a silly question, but might be useful for those who forget they've restricted which sites can earn Adsense income for them.


Having different stats is very common and the cause varies. Adsense never tracks stats from users who have ad blocking software enabled, and which isn't the case with Analytics. Depending on what the visiting user has, the stats vary.

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