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I had the same problem always any time I used a mail account inn CPanel. I just solved it today, here is what I did. Anyway, I made a new mail acount in my CPanel, with 250mb quota, tried to send emails to ma gmail,it worked,responded back and it didnt work. Another susspicius thing was, that i thought I was sending an email from my newly created email ...


GoDaddy by default enables mod_deflate and globally sets the compression types on all packages purchased in the last few years. Only classic accounts require manual intervention. SOURCE Our Linux Web Hosting hosting accounts have mod_deflate enabled by default. This compresses all text type files requested from it. You can disable mod_deflate ...


Yes all browsers but not versions.


Managed to find my answer, basically after asking my hosting help it turned out the issue was my hosting account being old so not configured quite right, meaning the general instructions on tumblr for custom urls was correct.


The security certificate states that certificate issuer verified the identity of the website operator. A certificate should only be issued when the identity has been verified and control over the domain name can be demonstrated. A certificate authority may have different levels of entity verification such as: Personal verification for an individual -- ...


Well, remember that a certificate certifies something: The CA signs that "somebody came to me with the public part of a private/public key pair, and I have verified that this person controls (domain), so it is safe to use that private/public key pair for encrypted communication with (domain)". For various reasons, you can have multiple servers handling ...

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