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Your domain appears to be working OK for me at the moment, so this might have been a caching issue, however.... Manage my DNS records and add two records provided by GitHub ( Specifically, this is two A records at your DNS provider. However, the two A records you have set are both pointing to the same IP address ...


From Transferring a Domain to Amazon Route 53: To transfer a domain to Amazon Route 53 from another registrar Confirm that Amazon Route 53 supports the top-level domain (for example, .com or .org) for the domain name that you want to transfer. For more information, see Domains that You Can Register with Amazon Route 53. If your top-level domain ...


If it was shared hosting, you need to have an assigned domain name to the hosting plan you chose. You can see this when going to My Account and under the Products tab. Try to open that domain name in a new browser tab, if you did not grab another domain or this is not the case, then you need to double check your nameserver settings. BlueHost's Zone file ...


As per GoDaddy's policy, please follow these steps: Verify that you uploaded your files to the appropriate directory. Make sure that you named the first page of your website "index.htm" or "default.htm." Ensure that your DNS is pointed correctly.

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