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Technically there is no difference. Most of the certification authorities offer similar products, standard validation or extended validation where owner's organisation / company and domain is checked and wildcards. What makes the price different is: Branding Warranty Quality of service Quantity For branding, best example would be Digicert - they issued ...


I had the same problem. I called Godaddy support and it sucks, so you need to access MX Entry in cPanel and configure it to remote MX if your email server is outside godaddy. Remember that you have to send emails from PHP trought your own domain. You need to specify a mx record in order to send the emails, it works for me with a delay of 10 minutes.


Do a traceroute on the IP address in question and you will more than likely find that the IP address traces to Europe somewhere. The whois record for the IP address in question is simply returning the registered owner of the IP address range and their organisational details. It will show up as the US as that is where GoDaddy is registered and where they will ...

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