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Serving your site from a git "working directory" is considered bad practice - see reasons here and here. The best way to do this is to set up a "bare" git repo on your server with a "post-receive" hook. This article is what I followed when I did this recently, the basic idea is: Create a "bare" repo with git init --bare Edit hooks/post-receive in your ...


Okay have managed to figure this one out. Turns out there is no native feature in Git to trigger a remote fetch (as in pushing code to the repository and having the repository trigger a pull origin on the web server). The way I have resolved this was to upload a PHP script to my web server under the default vhost. Within that file I have it set to run ...


There is currently now way to fix that, because GitHub Pages currently don't support HTTPS for custom domains. As you are using Cloudflare, you need to check whether you can configure such redirect in Cloudflare.

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