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GoDaddy has 24/7 phone support and if the issue is on there side, they likely can help resolve it. However I'm unsure of your operating system so this will be general advice. Try: Clearing your DNS Cache, resetting your FTP password and verify server IP Try using one of the following in the username field, substituting the appropriate variables ...


You can prevent hacking to an extent however, nothing is perfect and there are always flaws in any system. Asking a question with such little detail prevents a comprehensive insightful answer. It's advisable to read up and practice Linux and PHP security concepts. However it's impossible to make your website "hackproof", you can make it "hack-resistant" ...


You may have an anti-virus or firewall program (like McAfee or Norton's) on your computer that is interfering with the File Transfer. Try disabling that and see if it works.

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