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No need to include each forum threads in Sitemap. Whenever you are creating a thread in forums means you are adding additional information to your site, Google will always look for updates where ever the updates it will find it will index. If you don't use sitemap also Google will index your site, sitemap is just an indication of how many URL's having our ...


Short answer. For a new site, I would not bother but I would prepare. I would just make sure your site can be crawled by spiders. Most forum software is fine for this. If per chance that you have content that cannot be reached via the crawl, then a sitemap may help. There is some exception to this of course. Sitemaps, generally speaking, only really ...


Sitemaps not sitemap when dealing with high volume of content Your first mistake would to assume that you use 'a sitemap', when dealing with sites that contain a lot of content you need to think in terms of 'sitemaps'. Google indexes content without a sitemap Now it's worth mentioning that Google will pretty much index any important URL without the need ...


The SMF sites I manage use both Project honeypot to prevent the bulk of nasty signups, and the ones that get past that I use a mod to to check against www.stopforumspam.com very few slip through, and false positives are extremely rare

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