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Most of these sound too simple to forget, and that's why you forget to check: Make sure you've uploaded the file. Do it again to be sure Check the source of the image to make sure it's gone Press CTRL+F5 to do a hard reload (means 'also clear cache').


The only way to make an unicode icon display across browsers consistently is by loading the icon's default webfont. For example, the electric light bulb unicode character uses the Symbola font. If that isn't installed on the device, the device will then use the fall-back of the fonts you listed. For a cross-platform solution, you'll need to use font icons ...


The simple answer is... you can't... Browsers download font files by default by visiting your site as they need those files to be able to render your custom fonts. The font types eot, woff, opentype and svg does not use any DRM protection, and as far as I know, no other font does for that matter... because of this you can't protect your fonts. You can ...


Well this is already done as best it can by default. When you try to access fonts from another domain your browser will block this s a cross origin request (unless you explicitly add a "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header in your htaccess file). Try it from a development server and you'll see what I mean as you'll get errors in the Console log of the ...

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