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As you already mentioned you have to generate the pages dynamically for the facebook user agent The facebook bot is not possible to parse javascript (like google or bing bot too)


Are we allowed to import these comments for display on our site? Technically speaking (and if I understand your issue well), those comments are not generated on your platform in the first place, so they cannot be covered by some kind of agreement between the user who created them and you. It is more like you are willing to import something your don't ...


See link: Custom Image Thumbnail while sharing URL on Facebook Use Facebook debugger: Facebook Debugger


The image used in http://wordpress.com/i/blank.jpg?m=1383295312g as property="og:image" is correctly big for Facebook, 200x200, but it is a blank white square, so iguess it is properly published, but you just don't see it. so w3d's answer is basically correct :)


Your open graph image tag references a blank image... <meta property="og:image" content="http://wordpress.com/i/blank.jpg?m=1383295312g" />


As Facebook are not a website search engine, it is unlikely they need to use that tag for anything. A search on Facebook's help centre for "canonical" certainly returns no results. Pretty sure they will just ignore it.

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