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I study this stuff. Oddly, the answer is probably much simpler than you think. It would not surprise you to know that spammers are still spandexing search engines and using automated software to find content to use and sites to link to. Once a junk site is created, then bots begin to spider the junk sites and follow links. Get ready, this will happen a lot. ...


It could be a case of Referer Spam. i.e. It's an automated bot that repeatedly visits your website with a fake referer in the header.


Do you have a script of a 3rd party service, such as of remarketing or audience analysis, on your site? There was an issue with Adroll lately. Their script was a source of a lot of unusual traffic. Try to disable those and see what happens. Otherwise, can you retrieve more data about this traffic from GA - What's the OS/browser version? Is Java supported?

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