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1) Most domain registrars allow you to register privately. So there is a real name on record, just not publicly visible to whois queries 2) In my experience, you can use "Domain Admin" or "Domain Webmaster" or "Fake Name" when registering. So long as the payment goes through.


An active forum with good quality posts entice users to sign up for a forum. The initial phase of running a forum is tough as it technically lies empty. It creates a catch-22 situation where lack of users create a lack of content and vice versa. You need to hire friends, freelancers to start posting on your forums on a regular basis to get the ball rolling. ...


Like Google, Facebook adjusts its ad prices on a "quality score" that includes click through rate as a major factor. Here is a site that explains it: The click-through rate in itself is another factor that has impact on the Facebook ad prices. The higher CTR you can achieve, the greater chance you have of winning auctions. In an auction, Facebook’s ...

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