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The key really to ensuring your mail server does not get blacklisted for spamming is to make sure that you only send emails to people who want them and have asked for them, and if you include a working unsubscribe link people can leave your mailing list without any issues, since the main reasons servers get blacklisted are for high numbers of unwanted email ...


Here are the results of SVG background in email test. From this test, I would say that most clients don't support it well enough.


Sorry to say that to my knowledge this is only possible if you have two separate VPS with different IP addresses. As far as I know it is not possible to create two accounts in WHM with the same exact domain, but this is possible on two separate VPS because then you can point the DNS records for email to one VPS and the records for the www (website) to ...


Host your @ourdomain.com email on one cpanel account (let's call this cpanel #1) where the DNS points to for the domain name, and then setup an A record within cpanel #1 to point to the IP address used in cpanel #2. This way you can keep your email and web content on separate cpanel accounts, and your web visitors and email contacts won't know.

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