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We've just found out that using of parameter ni=1 in your link helps to not invoke session start. See


Simple solution: Use and then set your MX records and you are done.


The registrar eventually confirmed that they did send that email (and that the link in the meantime has expired and they will send a new one). Once again no reply about the highly broken and scam-like Italian language; for sure they did not write that email themselves because no Italian who cleared middle school would write like that, and the language used ...


Ok so for inbound mail you need to have your MX record set properly in your domain. This record tells anybody who wants to send you email where to send it. As you use WHM to handle your email you need to ultimately get it to point to your cloud server's IP address (IP A) but MX records can only point to domains and not IP addresses so you want to have a ...


Google Mail is pretty good Google mail can add an alternate email address to pick emails. So if 123-reg supports a protocol like POP3 or another Google can read, you can import from another server check 123-reg doc

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