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I suggest that you use your existing email while registering a domain name. When you complete the domain registration process, most domain providers send domain info, account activation links, invoice & billing info to email address which you put in during registration. Once you create account and register domain then you can easily create new email ...


Yes, you can set a display name in emails sent by cPanel webmail services like Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail. When you login to your email account with your preferred mail service, navigate as per below instructions and then you can change the display name. 1. Horde: Options => Personal Information => Your full name 2. RoundCube: Settings => Identities ...


To have your email hosted with a different company, you simply need to set your MX records in your DNS. Here is an in depth article with lots of information about how to do that. The basics are: Your mail host gives you the names of your mail servers You create MX records with in DNS with those host names (and a priority) The MX records can point ...


Most spam filters don't fetch links and check to see if they redirect. In fact, most newsletter click tracking solutions use a link that tracks and the redirects. Because it is very common practice, your plan of tracking and then redirecting should be just fine.

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