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Short answer: Google doesn't update things quickly. What you can do to help rectify the problem sooner, provided you did everything right at your end, is visit Google Webmaster Tools and go to the section where you can fetch pages using Google and put in both URLs you mention to see if it can pick up each page correctly. One should report a redirect. Then ...


I would use Yoast's SEO plugin to fix this. There is a setting which will redirect image attachments to the parent post. All done for you so no need to do anything manually. Go under Advanced, click Permalinks tab and check the second option: or you can just setup something in .htaccess file to do the same.


GWT is known for not refreshing some parts of their data very often. Chances are your site got crawled before the 301's and what was reported at that time got stuck. Usually it will go away after a while but in some cases it will stay the same. I have about 40 error that haven't changed in over a year. All have 301's set on them.


Ok, then I'll add to my answer. Categorize more. So you could have standard red tv's and premium blue monitors and premium blue tv's. Have URL's like this: http://example.com/standard http://example.com/standard/red http://example.com/standard/red/tvs http://example.com/premium http://example.com/premium/blue http://example.com/premium/blue/monitors ...


Categorize everything and make a hiearchy (tree) to represent each product. You already have your domain. Here I'm gonna call it example.com. The next text that should follow is any major category where many of your products fall under. So if you ran a store, and it only sold a wide variety of items but a third are premium items and a third are standard ...

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