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See each deal in itself is a new content even though it belongs to the same business owner/ deal provider. So rel = canonical should not be used. If the same deal is changed / renewed, then it should ideally be done on the same page/ already existing deal page and you can enhance its visibility on site. If a new page is still required for above case, then ...


In your case, yes. If the deal content is not new & the the business owner is the same old one, better use rel=canonical.


That is a textbook case of keyword stuffed doorway pages generated by script. It would be disallowed by any search engine rules I have ever seen, on several counts. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't recommend this.


If you have inbound (back) links to your old pages, these may always come up first in search. However, other than that, the rest is easy. You can copy your content to your new domain. From your old domain, create a canonical link on your pages pointing to your new pages. That is it! Here is the Google page regarding canonical links: ...

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