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It's probably just a bot testing out your website to see if it can be spammed. The text is probably unique so it can Google for it and if it finds it then the spammer knows your site can abused and will proceed to spam it with "real" spam. The whole process is probably automated.


There is no direct way to find spam attackers. You need to check the Drupal logs, from which you can get the IP address.


30x redirects are not harmful when used in this way. In fact, 30x redirects are very common and have a lot of positive SEO uses in certain circumstances. In your case, if the redirect is taking the user to an equivilant page then it's a good thing as you making sure they get to the content thwy want. This won't have a direct affect on your SEO but won't ...


You can do this with triggers and actions. Here's a v6-based tutorial (You didn't say which you were using.) that should probably also work for 7 though things might've moved slightly, eg. triggers are now under Structure.

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