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I think you can do it. I had a client for whom I registered the domain using my own email ID but later when I edited the email ID from the domain panel to an email created on the same domain. I won't recommend you to do the same for registration. You might receive notifications or probably verification links during registering. You don't want the emails to ...


It depends how you want to manage your domain DNS. If you're using your domain registry DNS, you need to only change the record of your subdomain to point to your new server's IP address. If on the other hand, you like to manage your domain DNS using your hosting provider control panel or WHM etc, you then need to change your domain nameservers at your ...


I suggest that you use your existing email while registering a domain name. When you complete the domain registration process, most domain providers send domain info, account activation links, invoice & billing info to email address which you put in during registration. Once you create account and register domain then you can easily create new email ...


In my case I am using AWS and Godaddy, so I updated my www CNAME to xxx.aws.amazon.com and deleted the A record. After that I used a forwarding 301 (permanent redirect) and pointed it to www.mysite.com. So in short use forwarding and point it to www.yoursite.com

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