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Short answer: a registrar can register their own domains just like anyone else. Longer answer: Behind the domain name system is a network of registry operators; in the case of gTLDs (global top level domains - eg. com, net, org and many, many others) the registry operator is ICANN. Each registrar (GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.) is accredited by the registry ...


My experience is that if the nameservers point away from the registrar i.e. the DNS is hosted elsewhere, then a change of registrar does not affect DNS at all.


All the registrar holds on you is your account information and name server entries, your DNS records are hosted by your DNS host which in many instances is the same as your web host. Just transfer the domain name and give them your name server addresses and within 48 hours it should be fine.


There are a number of instances where actions taken by ICANN need the support or consultation of the Registrars Stakeholder Group. Without someone from ICANN coming on here and confirming officially the reason for the duplicate records I suspect that it could be similar to a shareholder type of situation where each accredited registrar entry has one vote and ...


Transferring a domain away from a registrar is free of charge; as long as the domain is unlocked and you provide the correct EPP code to the incoming registrar the transfer can commence. The incoming registrar will charge you a transfer fee for the incoming domain transfer but will also extend the registration period of the domain by an additional year. ...


It seems that you need to contact the sponsoring registrar and request the Auth Code of your Domain if you have no intentions to renew the Domain with the sponsoring registrar.

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