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This is not in case they screw something up, it indemnifies them against law suits and other claims that may be filed against the domain name registrant (you). This is normal stuff. Any agreement for anything will indemnify the service company from anything you might do. They are not interested in secondary claims, joint filings, third party claims, or any ...


You're on the right track, you should be able to avoid downtime all together - DNS management without a control panel, sounds like a nightmare! When you say 'domain transfer' I'm assuming you're talking about moving the domain from one registrar to another. In theory it doesn't matter if this is done before or after the name servers are re-delegated - this ...


This is how I would solve this problem: 1) Obtain a list of all DNS records from Demon for the domain 2) Re-create the same DNS records on the new registrar's control panel 3) Change domain DNS to match the new name servers When the DNS settings will be changed, it sould work instantly if the new name servers settings are good.


With DNS, you can avoid most downtime; as long as you plan it correctly. You just need to do the following: Copy all the DNS information from Denon to your new DNS servers (all your CNAME, MX, A, PTR... records.) Test that these new DNS servers are working correctly (perform manual nslookup requests) Tell Denon to change your DNS info to your new DNS ...

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